Kol Neshama on Israel National Radio

Audio: Live from the Tel Aviv Cinematheque  A7 Radio’s “The Beat” with Ben Bresky  14 December 2009

Audio: A Musical Made by Frum Women  A7 Radio’s “Walter’s World” with Walter Bingham 25 October 2009

Articles about Kol Neshama’s “A Light for Greytowers”:

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“Cinematheques to Screen Film Intended for Women Only”  Ha’aretz  4 December 2009

“Seret Acher L’Gamrei [“A Totally Different Film”]”  (in Hebrew) B’sheva  5 November 2009

“Ashkelon Film Festival to Screen Musical to Women-Only Audience”  Ha’aretz  30 October 2009

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Camp Bnos Yisroel Series

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Kol Neshama Stage Productions

“Kol Neshama: Voice of the Soul”  Jewish Press September 2001

“Voices of the Soul”  Jewish Journal 23 August 2001

What Audiences Are Saying

“It was truly wonderful and surpassed any expectations- moving and sweet yet sophisticated.”
— Dena G.

“I hope this is the beginning of more great things to come. We need this!”
— Beth F.

“Really, really beautiful and very inspiring!!!”
–Chaya R.

“Fantastic job all around. Great voices and ensemble cast… beautiful mood, setting… Thanks for making a show that I would recommend because it’s GOOD!”
— Carmen T.

“More! More! More! What a wonderful opportunity for the performers and the viewers.”
— Leora G.

“What a kiddush Hashem!”
— Fruma S.