Women-Only Movie Sparks Debate, Understanding

By Robin Garbose As an Orthodox woman – hassidic, even – it has been hard for me to watch the news and developments from Israel in recent weeks. On one hand, Jewish law and traditions of female modesty are very important to me. Although I did not grow up in an observant family, I came […]

Jerusalem Post: Women in the Picture

by Hannah Brown Robin Garbose’s groundbreaking new film, ‘The Heart that Sings,’ is a movie musical created exclusively for women and girls. Many directors like to think themselves unique, but no one except Robin Saex Garbose could utter the sentence, “My frumkeit deepened while I was directing episodes of America’s Most Wanted.” Garbose is in […]

New Photo Gallery – Summer 2011!

Photos from this summer’s AMAZING program, classes, trips and end-of-the-summer performance of “A Little Light”.