“Heart” invited to the Jerusalem Film Festival!

Big news! The Israel premiere of “The Heart that Sings” will be a part of the 13th Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival, to be held at the Jerusalem Cinematheque from December 17-23, 2011. More details coming soon!


From our letter of invitation:

This annual event is an opportunity to explore the many and varied issues surrounding the question of Jewish identity, history, culture and religious practice. From the plethora of new films made each year, we select a handful that uncover little-known chapters of Jewish history, as well as personal stories that shed new light on the many and varied ways in which Judaism can be expressed. Being held in Israel, this festival is also an opportunity to explore the sometimes blurry line between Jewish identity and Israeli identity. Besides the festival’s premiere screenings, our program includes retrospective screenings, lectures, panels, exhibits and live performances.

Again, it will be an honor to include The Heart that Sings in our program. . . . Please note that the screening at our Festival must be an Israeli premiere, both theatrical and broadcast.

We look forward to hearing from you.


So exciting!