The Heart that Sings ISRAEL PREMIERE!

Festival and Israel Premiere December 18 @ 17:30 and December 19 @ 17:00 at the Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival; includes Q & A sessions at the Jerusalem Cinematheque with director Robin Garbose!

Screenings to follow in Tel Aviv, Rosh Pina, Tzfat, Ramat Beit Shemesh, Petach Tikva, Kfar Chabad and other Jerusalem locations… for more information, call 02-583-1371

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Robin Garbose’s groundbreaking new film, The Heart that Sings, a movie musical created exclusively for women and girls, will be making its Israel and festival premiere at the 13th annual Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival at the Jerusalem Cinemateque (Dec 18th @ 5:30PM and Dec 19th @ 5:00PM). This marks the first time ever the JJFF has invited a Hareidi women’s film to participate in the festival and the Tel Aviv and Rosh Pina Cinemateques as well as other similar venues are following suit with screenings after the premiere.

The Heart that Sings examines Jewish identity for young women, through the lens of a girls’ summer camp in the New York Catskills during the 1950s. Featuring young Orthodox actresses from Garbose’s performing arts conservatory in Los Angeles, Kol Neshama, who perform alongside seasoned professionals, the film (based on a Gershon Kranzler story) focuses on twenty-something Miriam Bogen, a broken-hearted orphan from the Holocaust who has come to Brooklyn to start anew.

In the film, Miriam flees her job at a miserable sweatshop to be the new music and drama counselor at Camp Zimra, where pampered Jewish city girls come to experience Yiddishkeit. Miriam’s quiet, broken spirit at first seems like a mismatch, but her music and stories from a lost world persevere.

“With vivid, dynamic characters, a beautiful score and impressive choreography, Garbose’s movie provides an artistic platform for religious talented girls to perform professionally and can be appreciated by all women – religious or not,” notes Hadassah Magazine’s Sara Spielman.

Jerusalem Cinematheque

December 18 @ 17:30
December 19 @ 17:00

Heichal Shlomo, Jerusalem

December 20 @ 19:00 & 21:30

Matnas Amishav, Petach Tikva

December 22 @ 10:00 & 12:00

Beit Chabad, Tzfat

December 24 @ 19:30 & 21:30

Kfar Chabad

December 24 @ 19:30 & 21:30

Rosh Pina Cinematheque

December 25 @ 19:30

Tel Aviv Cinematheque

December 25 @ 18:00
December 27 @ 17:00
December 28 @ 18:00

Nitza, Ramat Beit Shemesh

December 27 @ 19:30

Matnas Efrat

December 29 @ 20:00


  1. Last spring, I enjoyed the fabulous, soul-stirring, ladies-only film by Robin Garbose “The Heart that Sings.” The film is 100% kosher. Not only are performances by ladies only for ladies only, but contain authentically Jewish content. Catch it now!

  2. It’s wonderful to see the explosion in opportunities for Jewish female performers. When we started our band 30 years ago, there weren’t any at all! That’s what prompted us to found Tof Miriam, a non-profit organization in Israel that provides support, networking and encouragement for frum women performance artists. Now, it’s amazing and so gratifying to see how the doors are opening up all over the world.
    Behatzlacha, ladies. May you serve Hashem with song and dance – and always be’simcha!

  3. Dearest Robin and Levi,
    Tzippy and her crew LOVED the movie!!
    She wants to see it again and again!!

  4. s fraenkel says:

    i absolutely LOVED the film ‘the heart that sings’- it was amazing, brilliant and i can’t wait for the next one!!! i wish Robin and her crew much Hatzlacha and thank you for the real Jewish entertainment! my best songs were, ‘hakodosh baruch hu’, ‘each blessed Jewish child’ and ‘kaddish ballad’- they were really stunning (with the harmony) and inspiring!!!

  5. My mom is a cancer patient and we try to get her interesting and nice things to watch. I had bought the video ” A Light for Greytowers” and she sincerely liked it. I was wondering where I can purchase more of your productions.

    • Robin Garbose says:

      Hello Bailush,
      I just discovered your comment. Thank you very much. I wish your mother Refuah Shaleima! You can purchase everything through our website or at Judaica stores that sell Mostly Music/Aderet products. I’m sure your mother will also very much appreciate The Heart that Sings. It is an inspiring, uplifting film.
      Warm regards and blessings,
      Robin Garbose