Photos from Ten Yad Performance of “The Hasty Chuppah”

Set in the 1700’s, the story portrays Sarah, the beautiful, righteous innkeeper’s daughter as she desperately tries to escape the marriage proposal forced on her by the poretz’s depraved son.


  1. were is the ten yad auction??

    • Ten Yad is a hachnosas kallah organization in New York – they’re having a gala Chinese Auction, and Robin’s flying in with Judy, Eli7 and some more AMAZING performers to do the evening’s entertainment! Can’t wait to see them!!!

      • Just Wonderful! says:

        The play by Robin Garbose was magnifique!!! Judy Weingard is a SUPERB actress with a fantastic voice!!! Thank you for such a pleasurable evening!!!!!

        • go judy! Everyone MUST come to tenyad to see some beautiful talent. Judy’s acting and singing skills will leave you speechless! I’m excited 🙂

  2. im so excited!! im gona be in the show!! cant wait!

  3. To Faigy L: lucky… how did u get in?