Pix from The Heart that Sings World Premiere!

Sunday night’s world premiere of “The Heart that Sings” was a SMASHING, SOLD-OUT SUCCESS!!
We literally had lines spilling out the door and onto the street outside the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles, and then again in Crown Heights at the Jewish Children’s Museum on Wednesday night.

All in all, nearly TWELVE HUNDRED women and girls have already seen “The Heart that Sings”!!!


  1. Miryam Kupfer says:

    I’m sooooo jealous!!!!!!!!!
    Wish with all my heart that I could have been there!!!!
    I’m going to be at the New York premiere but miss all the L.A. girls!!
    Can’t wait to see the movie Wednesday night!!

  2. wow im seeing it today to im so lucky wait till everyone else sees it1

  3. it is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good wanna watch it a 100 more times LOVE IT
    go Rbin

  4. Devorah Norton says:

    I saw it both nites it was awesome
    to get all the parts u have to watch it at least twice so NY stay in for the second screening it will make more sense to you

  5. R Klempner says:

    I was at the Sunday premier here in L.A. and the film was just marvelous. I immediately went home and emailed a bunch of my friends in L.A. and NYC to tell them to go to the remaining shows! The songs were truly amazing, especially “Everything is Possible” and the song from “The Widow’s Kaddish”…do you think you could have them recorded by male voices so that we can share them with our sons and husbands?

  6. I attended the LA screening of “The Heart That Sings” at the Museum of
    Tolerance, and was so impressed by the movie. It is well written,
    edited, acted and just so heartwarming and enjoyable — one of those
    movies you never want to end.