Q&A Videos from NY Premiere 3-30-11

With more than 15 cast and crew members from “The Heart that Sings” in attendance at the New York premiere, the post-screening Q&A session was a great look into the making of a frum movie.

Here are a few fun and enlightening clips. (Excuse the low-quality lighting and sound…)

[cincopa AkPAKiqh0Hwm]

If you’ve got any questions for Robin or the cast, post ’em in the comments section below!


  1. Amazed... says:

    Hey u guys ROCK! i love your productions!
    I had a beatuiful expeireince at the veiwing this past chol hamoed…
    Robin Garbose, you have a wonderful oppurtunity to do the greatest mitzvah-providing jewish girls w jewish entertainment…keep it up!

  2. basya wolff says:

    i just saw the film with my mother-an actress/director, daughter, and two nieces in monsey…
    we all left TOTALLY INSPIRED,
    the songs and music were as magnificent as you said they were in one of your interviews
    and the script, acting, dancing, and filming were gorgeous!!!!!
    thank you!
    keep them coming, bezras H-shem.
    basya wolff