Summer 2017 Dates & Tuition Information

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Program Dates:

July 7 to August 13, 2017
(Group Flight Departure date TBA)

Application Process

Application must include the following:

  1. Summer 2017 Kol Neshama Camper Application (click link to complete. Application must include school principal’s contact information and confirmation that you have read and accept our tznius contract)
  2. $900 deposit (of which $75 is non-refundable) to be paid by check or Paypal; see full tuition and payment information below

After receiving your application and deposit, we will arrange a phone interview, and notify you of your daughter’s acceptance status within three weeks.

After your daughter has been accepted, please complete all additional paperwork and see the packing list.


  • Tuition:
    • Early Bird Tuition Special: $4000 if tuition arrangements are finalized and approved by February 15, 2017
    • After February 15, tuition goes up to $4400.
    • For Israeli campers, please contact us for rates.
  • Airfare:
    • Group Flight on El Al is in and out of New York (JFK); transportation to and from the airport is not included in camp fees.
    • Group Flight Departure: TBA
    • Group Flight Returns: TBA
    • Early Bird Airfare: $1500 airfare for group flight if payment arrangements are finalized & approved by February 15, 2017
    • Group rate for flight goes up $100 per month after that:
      • $1600 before March 31
      • $1700 before April 30
      • Group rate after April 30th is dependent on number of participants. Price for late reservations TBA.
    • If campers choose to meet the group at Ben Gurion or our campus in Tzefat, please notify program coordinator.
  • Other Fees:
    • Jerusalem Shabbaton: $150
    • Costume/dancewear requirements to be announced in official Packing List; this may be an additional minimal expense.
    • Camp fees do not include tips, spending money or MANDATORY international insurance.
  • Jewish Federation Scholarship Information:
    • Kol Neshama has received accreditation from New York Federation Israel Experience Center. Check with your local Federation for available scholarships.
    • Federation Scholarship support: Application links for New York and Los Angeles grants to come.
  • Payment Schedule:
    • $900 deposit with application
      $1500 airfare by April 1
      1/2 Remaining Tuition May 1
      Final Tuition due June 1




  • Mail checks to:

Kol Neshama

8622 Gregory Way

Los Angeles, CA 90035

  • Electronic payment via Paypal:
    • You do not need a Paypal account.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: This option includes additional service fees, to be paid by the applicant.
    • Please contact us for further instructions and fee rates. For example, in order for us to receive the $900 deposit, you would have to make a payment of $927.


  • Early Bird Specials:
    • The Early Bird Special deadline is February 15, 2017. In order to receive the Early Bird Special, application must be received and tuition payment plan must be approved by that date.
    • If camp tuition is not paid as per the aforementioned payment options or otherwise arranged with Levi Garbose, any Early Bird Special discounts will be forfeited and enrollment may be subject to cancellation. Full tuition rates will apply.
  • Sibling Discounts: 
    • $100 discount per each additional child enrolled, starting with the second child and on.
  • Fees:
    • Tuition and additional fees are as stated above. Camp fees do not include tips, spending money or MANDATORY international insurance.
  • Deposits:
    • Deposits are due upon application submission.
    • Applications will not be considered complete until the required deposit is received.
    • Campers will not be included in any headcount until their deposit is received and their application is deemed complete.
    • Campers whose applications are accepted and approved will be honored on a first come first serve basis.
    • Deposit amount is $900 per camper.
  • Cancellation Deadlines:
    • Any cancellation prior to March 1, 2017 will result in a full refund, except for a $75 processing fee.
    • Any cancellation prior to April 1, 2017 will result in a $150 cancellation fee.
    • Cancellations from April 1st – May 1st will result in a $300 cancellation fee.
    • After May 1st, NO REFUNDS will be issued. Cancellations after this date will result in a forfeiture of any and all funds paid.
  • Refunds:
    • Due to the seasonal nature of summer camping and the set limitation on spaces offered, it is camp policy not to offer any refund of tuition fees to any camper who leaves or is asked to leave prior to the end of her enrollment period.
    • It is also expressly understood and agreed that if the camper leaves the camp grounds without the express permission of the Camp Administration, or if the camper damages or defaces camp property, or if the camper’s conduct or influence is not up to the camp’s standards, the camper will be dismissed at the sole discretion of the Administration. In such cases no credits or refunds will be issued.
    • Late arrivals, early departures, or absences will not result in a credit or refund.
    • We reserve the right to determine if our camp programs are the correct fit for all applicants. We reserve the right to accept or reject campers based on our standards. If a camper’s application is denied a full refund will be returned to the applicant except for $75 processing fee.
    • All campers are subject to verification of references, interview and approval by our head staff. We reserve the right to refuse any camper.
    • By submitting your application to Kol Neshama you consent that any and all claims made against the Camp and/or its employees, including any monetary disagreements, shall be decided upon only by an Orthodox Bais Din in Los Angeles in accordance with Orthodox Halacha.