Summer 2017 Packing List

Because we are traveling, baggage space is limited, and careful packing is essential.

Each girl can bring up to TWO bags — 1 Duffle for bedding, and 1 Suitcase, EACH BAG UP TO 50 POUNDS — plus a backpack carry-on. For girls traveling on the Group flight, El Al policy is first bag free and second bag $100. Please make sure to factor in the baggage fees before we travel.

Make sure that (A) EVERY item of clothing meets our tznius requirements (mothers, please supervise carefully), and (B) that you like everything you are bringing!

Please remember that everyday clothing MUST be easy to move in– you can’t do a movement class in a pencil skirt or long, heavy denim! We do rigorous movement in EVERY class, including acting and voice, so you must be able to move freely (and b’tznius) at all times.

Cosmetics and toiletries are expensive in Israel. However, should your daughter prefer to purchase shampoo and soap, etc. in Tzfat, there is a pharmacy nearby.

Girls should pack 8 days’ worth of clothing and 10 days’ underwear.

• 8 Weekday outfits
• 2 Shabbos outfits
• 10 Days underwear and tights/socks/leggings
• Sneakers (good for hiking)
• Everyday shoes
• Shabbos shoes
• Water shoes
• Flip flops
• 1 Sweater/sweatshirt/light jacket
• 1 Robe
• 2 Tznius nightgowns/pajamas: pants and short sleeves okay; no shorts or tank-tops
• Cap / sun hat
• 2 Bathing suits, one-piece only
• 1 Dance Skirt (from dance store; important classroom/costume requirement)
• 1 pair Ballet Slippers (from dance store; important classroom/costume requirement)
• Navy or grey pleated uniform skirt, and a light blue uniform oxford shirt (costume for filming)
• Backpack
• 1 Pillow
• 1 Blanket/Comforter
• 1 Twin-size sheet set
• 2 Pillow cases
• 2 Bath towels, 2 Hand towels, 2 Washcloths
• 1 laundry bag
• Hangers
• Laundry detergent
• Toiletries (including soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush– much cheaper in US)
• Flashlight
• Sunscreen
• Large refillable water bottle
• Siddur
• Camera
• A three-ring binder and spiral notebook for scripts and note-taking in rehearsals and workshops
• Pens, pencils, highlighter
• Spending money for additional outings, souvenirs, snacks, etc.
• MANDATORY: Signed lice check note

Click here for printable document: Packing List 2017