The Heart That Sings: Trailer from the Newest Kol Neshama Film!

Filmed summer 2010 by the girls and staff of Kol Neshama, and based on the short story by Gershon Kranzler, “The Heart that Sings” tells the story of a young Holocaust survivor named Miriam who spends a 1950s summer as the music director at a camp in the Catskills Mountains of New York. At first, the campers take advantage of Miriam’s quiet, broken spirit, but in the end, they transform each other in a magnificent way.

[cincopa AUEA-WajSeF5]


  1. Miryam Kupfer says:

    Amazing trailer.
    I can’t wait for the movie to come out.
    Go Robin!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Miryam Kupfer

  2. I was crying I’m soo happy omg I’m not on breathing mode here!!! Ommmmgggggg!!!!!!!

  3. yay it’s amazing i can’t wait for our premier!!!!!!!!

  4. YES YES YEEEEEEES THANK YOU THANK YOU SOO MUCH i am really really happy right now 😉

  5. omg!!!!!!!!!! cant wait !!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. awesome cnt w8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Absolutely amazing!! So exciting!!!

  8. im so excited! cant wait till pesach!

  9. Leah "Libby" Gottfried says:

    Congrats everyone!!!! It looks fantastic!!
    Soooooo exciting!!!

  10. so exciting! Looking forward to seeing it on the big screen!

  11. Yeeeessss! So happy and excited for the full. Congratulations everyone! It looks great!

  12. I watched it yesterday, and my mother was crying!!!!!!I It looks absoloutely brilliant i fowarded the link to my friends 🙂

  13. that was so sad ….. waa

  14. GOO LIBAA FARKASHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. me rochel levy michal B and naomi B were advertising alll over bais yaakov la i HOPE that they will see it

  16. love it! i cant wait for the movie to come out! chaya uzan told me about in school. i am sooo happy!

  17. estee and z says:

    omg liba i see u u luk adorable

  18. Wow! Wow! Wow! Great job everyone! It looks magnificent! Can’t wait to see the full motion picture! I miss you guys and hope you’re all having a great year!!!!!!

  19. Robin Garbose says:

    Wonderful to hear all the excited reactions! Certainly gives me inspiration and strength. The rest of the footage looks amazing as well, BH! Keep spreading the word and checking website regularly for updates. Can’t wait to see everyone at the premier screenings, IY”H!!!

  20. AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!! i cant wait for it to come out, it looks like itll be ssooooo good!
    btw guys i forgot all ur emails?! whats brenda’s? bee… i forgot the rest.

  21. Miriam Petlak says:

    omg that was amazing btw did u c the article in the jewish press by rochel levi…awesome!!!

  22. Laya Jacobson says:

    oh my gosh!thats me!its so great!cant wait for the whole thing!:)

  23. i fowarded the link 2 all my friends and most of them watched it Im so excited!!!!!!! Miss you all so much 🙂

  24. Sha-Ron Kushnir says:

    wooo hoooo !! Mazal Tov !!
    Looks good.
    Cant wait to see the final cut!!!!!

    ~ Sha-Ron Kushnir.

  25. omg batsheva rochel michal naomi i cnt w8 2c it it looks rly goood!!!!! congratz!

  26. menucha levin says:

    omg!!!!!!!!! this is soooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!! the second i heard there was a clip i called every single person i ever knew and told them to go on! they all were sooooooo impressed! my whole skewl told me they cant wait for it to come to chicago. im sooooooooooo excited!!!!!!!

  27. WOW WOW WOW OMG I READ ALL OF THE COMMENTS AND I CANNOT BELIEIVE IT!!! guys!this is what we were filming for 2 weeks this is the result!!! omg i cant wait to see the movie i miss you all sooooo much!!! please email me and if you dont know my email get to me somehow. wow this seriously made my day. i just got a boost of enthusiasm cant wait till the premeir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Letting you know that I’m very, very excited to see the new movie! I
    wish I could be a part of Kol Neshama- unfortunately my summers are
    very busy.. if only we could have a during-the-year form of Kol
    Neshama! My friends and I all want to come to the premier, so make
    sure to advertise for it well!!

  29. why thank you yali

  30. Sara Rivka Schanzer says:

    Oh my gosh! It’s amazing. Every part I remembered how we did it. I wish I could be at the premiere, and I hope I will. Everybody looks great! Thanks to Robin.
    Sara Rivka

  31. Miriam G-P says:

    I sent it to everyone in my contacts! BEST THING EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Its so good! It’s so professional! I can’t wait till it comes out!!!!!

    love u guyz and can’t wait to see it!

  34. Rivka Chaya says:

    AMAZING!!!! my BFF ,Batsheva,is in it and i know its going 2 be AMAZING!!!
    i cant wait 2 see it!! =]

  35. 🙂

  36. faigy minsky!!!! says:

    i miss camp sooooooooooo much. i am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    go us kol neshama 2010

    luv faigy minsky

  37. it looks so good can’t wait for it to come out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Robin Garbose says:

    Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments! Keep them coming please and forward the trailer to all your friends! Editing is going really well, BH! The footage looks amazing and the story is cutting together great so far… funny, touching and suspenseful. We will be announcing plans for Summer 2011 very soon, IY”H. Looking forward!

  39. chaya drizin says:

    KAY!!!! i think by now i have watched this at LEAST 30 times!!! its amazingggg!! WOW!! guys i cant believe we actually did it!!!! and i can not wait to see the movie!!! ommgg!! and the premier gonna be awsumee!!! miss everyonee soooooo soooo much!!!!!!!!! love you all!!!!

    xoxox! chaya drizin

  40. menucha levin says:

    only 30 times? i watched it like three hundred and ten times!!! i cannot get over it! the funny thing is, my whole class walk around singing yiskadal… and hakadosh baruch hu… at least wat they heard from the clip 🙂

  41. chaya drizin says:

    hahahh!!!!! thats funny your saying that! 🙂 bc my class is also sing it all day!! 🙂 and 30 times was from before but now its is exactly 122 times was counting!!!!!

  42. keep the publicity coming 🙂

  43. i cant wait

  44. A good freind!! says:

    wow!! Chana minsky’s sister looks so adorable!! I cannot wait till it comes out!!!

  45. i love it sooooooooooooooooo coooooooooooooooooooool!!!!!!!!!

  46. Last night I saw a screening for Robin Garbose’s newest film “The Heart that Sings”. It was brought by the production company Kol Neshama which is a company Robin is pioneering. It is a film just for women (sorry all you hipster Chasidim out there…) and has only girls and women actors.
    The story line is based on a short story and expounded upon to make a full length musical film. It is of a young girl who came to America in the 1950’s after the war who is hired as a music and drama counselor at a girls summer camp. Her depth and Hungarian culture is at first not accepted by her young campers, but the story unfolds to reveal close relationships and lasting bonds. The plot is heartwarming and the script was really well written. It contained a lot of deep meanings and was rooted in yiddishkeit. The acting was great and the cast consisted of mostly young girls and was actually shot in a summer camp type of setting.

    The music was beautifully scored by Richard Friedman. He really captured the emotions in the scenes from the sadness in the beginning to the comical and energetic beats in the middle. He infused a lot of the music with Jewish style which I still have yet to master so I thought it was very impressive. All the songs were written by Levi Garbose and were equally as inspiring. He wrote a lullaby style song that was moving and infused them with lyrics praising Hashem so the whole song was filled with so much kedusha you could feel it was coming from a high place. I really loved the music throughout the whole film and now have songs and melodies playing in my head from it.

    The whole production and missions statement is incredibly inspiring and something I strive to be apart of. I have been thinking that I want to be part of a team that revolutionizes Jewish films. I want to score beautiful songs that help to spread kedusha and have a deeper purpose. I love watching all films (especially with great scores) but there is something especially holy about taking something that could be used either to be elevated or as a kelipah and making the solid decision to use it to make a dwelling place for Hashem here. This production as well as her other one has been so inspiring to watch and speak to her about. I hope only much brachas for this company and Hashem should bless it so it can grow and grow and continue to inspire and entertain women and girls everywhere.

  47. I can’t seem to find the movie online. Is it available? Thanks.