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Breaking News Re: Summer 2016

Due to accelerated progress with important film and book projects, and after 16 amazing summers, Robin Garbose will be taking a sabbatical this summer from the Israel program. Robin plans to resume Kol Neshama Summer in Israel in 2017, BE”H.  Thank you for your continued interest in Kol Neshama.

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Atlanta Jewish News: “The Heart that Sings” Screens in Atlanta

Orthodox Hollywood director, Robin Garbose, will be speaking this evening  at the second screening of  her most recent film, “The Heart that Sings,” for female audiences.                 The movie musical is about a young holocaust survivor named Miriam, who lives in New York in the 1950s and spends a summer at […]

Photos from “The Heart that Sings” Screening and Panel at Stern

The Stern College Dramatics Society hosted Robin Garbose, the director of The Heart That Sings, for a screening of her film and facilitated a discussion with her and several actresses from the movie (some of whom are Stern students). Photos by Aliza Slepian.

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About Kol Neshama

Founded in 2000 by Artistic Director Robin Saex Garbose, Kol Neshama is a Los Angeles-based non-profit 501(c)3 corporation dedicated to providing professional artistic training and performance opportunities for girls and women in a Torah-observant setting and to developing an emerging artistic voice through the creation of distinctly Jewish film and stage productions. Our observant Jewish community is teeming with talent yearning to be expressed, yet opportunities for serious artistic exploration are few. Through Kol Neshama’s sixteen years of summer-camp intensives and school year programs, over 400 girls from as far away as Israel, South Africa, Argentina and Germany have experienced the joy and benefit of creative expression while developing their gifts with a Torah perspective. To date, Kol Neshama has produced ten original plays, five musical DVDs, two CDs and three ground-breaking, internationally acclaimed “for women only” feature movie musicals, A Light for Greytowers, The Heart that Sings and Operation Candlelight.