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Summer 5775/2015 Israel Program Now Open for Enrollment!

Click here for details and application! … [...]


Bring Operation: Candlelight to Your Community!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2fCxY8t1uA A screening of Kol Neshama's newest and most exciting film yet is the perfect summer camp, school, mother/daughter, Chol HaMo'ed or community event for … [...]


Summer 2014 Photo Gallery



Summer 2013 Photo Gallery

Photos added 8/6, 7/26, 7/24, 7/21, 7/14, 7/11, 7/10, 7/4, 6/28... … [...]


Summer 2012 Photo Gallery – Session Two

Photos added 9/4, 8/12 (including goodbye banquet and Malibu Creek hike), 8/10 (including filming of music video, internal monologues and bonfire), 8/8, 8/3, 7/31, 7/30, 7/27 … [...]


Summer 2012 Photo Gallery – Session One

New photos added: 9/4, 7/26 (including goodbye banquet, beach trip & talent show), 7/19 (including photos from on the set and filming), 7/18, 7/16, 7/12, 7/10, 7/8, 7/5 … [...]

Upcoming Screenings

Chol HaMoed Special: Watch Operation Candlelight Online!

Special Operation: Candlelight pay-per-view Chol Hamoed rental for cities outside of New York and Toronto!!! http://mostlymusic.com/products/robin-garbose-operation-candelight . . . . . . . .

Chol HaMoed Pesach: Crown Heights

April 6, 7 & 8 7:30pm and 9:30pm United Lubavitcher Yeshiva, 570 Crown Street Tickets $20 Tickets can be purchased: In Boro Park at Mostly Music: 4815 13th Ave. In Crown Heights at Hamafitz: 361 Kingston Ave. Box Office at the Door All proceeds go to Tzedaka  

Chol HaMoed Pesach: Toronto

Shomrei Shabbos 683-685 Glengrove Ave. Monday April 6 @ 8:00 Tuesday April 7 @ 5:00 BAYT in Thornhill 613 Clark Ave W, Vaughan, ON Tuesday April 7 @ 8:00 Wednesday April 8 at 5:00

Chol HaMoed Pesach: Edison, NJ

Reenas Bais Yaakov 1131 Raritan Avenue Highland Park, NJ 08904 Tuesday April 7 at 8:00 pm $10 per person

Press & Photos


Chabad.org: Atlanta Jewish Film Festival Engages Female-Only Audiences

by Libby Herz One of the most-widely attended Jewish film festivals in the United States shined a spotlight on the lives of religious women this week, treating all-female audiences to screenings of a uniquely feminine work of art and a chance to get to know the film’s director. With a cast dominated by religious women […]


YU Observer Film Talk: Operation Candlelight

by Carmelle Danneman The crew is setting up for the first exterior shot of the school building. The techno-crane is completely extended, and the gaffer is adjusting the lighting. The producer, Leah Gottfried, a senior at Stern, is making sure everything is going according to schedule. Orthodox cinematographer Daron Keet is framing the first shot. […]


Yeshiva Atlanta Palette: Yeshiva’s Rising Star

by Shani Weinmann Interview with Carmelle Danneman about the movie she starred in, Operation: Candlelight. How did you come to be in the movie? Was it through an arts program? I have actually known Robin Garbose, orthodox filmmaker and director of Operation: Candlelight, for a few years now. I first met her while viewing A […]

About Kol Neshama

Founded in 2000 by Artistic Director Robin Saex Garbose, Kol Neshama is a Los Angeles-based non-profit 501(c)3 corporation dedicated to providing professional artistic training and performance opportunities for girls and women in a Torah-observant setting and to developing an emerging artistic voice through the creation of distinctly Jewish film and stage productions. Our observant Jewish community is teeming with talent yearning to be expressed, yet opportunities for serious artistic exploration are few. Through Kol Neshama’s sixteen years of summer-camp intensives and school year programs, over 400 girls from as far away as Israel, South Africa, Argentina and Germany have experienced the joy and benefit of creative expression while developing their gifts with a Torah perspective. To date, Kol Neshama has produced ten original plays, five musical DVDs, two CDs and three ground-breaking, internationally acclaimed “for women only” feature movie musicals, A Light for Greytowers, The Heart that Sings and Operation Candlelight.

Director’s Video Blogs


Operation: Candlelight — Coffee with Robin 10/27/13

With guests award-winning cinematographer Daron Keet and his daughter, Kol Neshama actress Ahava Keet!


Q&A Videos from NY Premiere 3-30-11

With more than 15 cast and crew members from “The Heart that Sings” in attendance at the New York premiere, the post-screening Q&A session was a great look into the making of a frum movie. Here are a few fun and enlightening clips. (Excuse the low-quality lighting and sound…) [cincopa AkPAKiqh0Hwm] If you’ve got any […]


Operation: Candlelight — Coffee with Robin 11/3/13

Episode 3, with special guest Rivka Siegel Krinsky! Also, the premiere of “What I Believe” – a new music video, and a few words from Rebbe Dawg.

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