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Summer 5775/2015 Israel Program Now Open for Enrollment!

Click here for details and application! … [...]


Operation: Candlelight — Coffee with Robin 11/3/13

Episode 3, with special guest Rivka Siegel Krinsky! Also, the premiere of "What I Believe" - a new music video, and a few words from Rebbe … [...]


Operation: Candlelight — Coffee with Robin 10/27/13

With guests award-winning cinematographer Daron Keet and his daughter, Kol Neshama actress Ahava Keet! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3K9MuDcpQc&feature=share … [...]


Operation: Candlelight — Coffee with Robin 10/20/13

If you missed our livestream broadcast on Sunday, October 20th of "Coffee with Robin," watch the show here! Special guests Actresses Raize Marquis and Chaya Solika … [...]


Summer 2013 Photo Gallery

Photos added 8/6, 7/26, 7/24, 7/21, 7/14, 7/11, 7/10, 7/4, 6/28... … [...]


New “Coffee with Robin” with Songwriter/Producer Levi Garbose!

The "HEART THAT SINGS" A Robin Garbose Film, now on DVD! Purchase TODAY! Promo produced by Sha-Ron Kushnir. … [...]

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Bring Operation: Candlelight to Your Community!

A screening of Kol Neshama’s newest and most exciting film yet is the perfect summer camp, school, mother/daughter, Chol HaMo’ed or community event for women and girls ages 10 and up. If you would like to arrange a screening, please contact Leah Gottfried: 323-345-7172.


Donate to Kol Neshama!

Opportunities for talented Jewish girls to develop and express their creative gifts through Kol Neshama’s unique arts and cinema programs rely heavily upon our patrons’ support of the Kol Neshama Scholarship Fund. While scores of girls from across the globe reap the transformational benefits of the Kol Neshama experience, audiences continue to be inspired in […]


Banot HaMelech: Video Interview with Robin Garbose

An interview with director Robin Garbose about Kol Neshama’s upcoming play performances in Tzefat for Women & Girls.


Summer 2014 Photo Gallery


Jerusalem Post: Teen Girls to Sing Their Hearts Out in Safed

Teenage girls in Israel who are religiously observant and love the performing arts will now have a summer program tailored to nurture their talent. Robin Garbose, the artistic director of the California-based summer performing arts conservatory for girls, Kol Neshama, will be opening a program in Safed this summer, in the Machon Alte Seminary in […]


The Jewish Home: Rocking the Stage: How Jewish Women are Reimagining Hollywood

by Rachel Wizenfeld ‘Tis the season – for religious women’s performing arts, that is. From musicals to movies, LA’s Hollywood culture has spilled into the observant Jewish world, inspiring several local women to create exceptional opportunities for frum women and girls to practice and showcase their talentsin a rigorous, yet modest and uplifting environment. Coming […]

About Kol Neshama

Founded in 2000 by Artistic Director Robin Saex Garbose, Kol Neshama is a Los Angeles-based non-profit 501(c)3 corporation dedicated to providing professional artistic training and performance opportunities for girls and women in a Torah-observant setting and to developing an emerging artistic voice through the creation of distinctly Jewish film and stage productions. Our observant Jewish community is teeming with talent yearning to be expressed, yet opportunities for serious artistic exploration are few. Through Kol Neshama’s thirteen years of summer-camp intensives and school year programs, over 400 girls from as far away as Israel, South Africa, Argentina and Germany have experienced the joy and benefit of creative expression while developing their gifts with a Torah perspective. To date, Kol Neshama has produced ten original plays, five musical DVDs, two CDs and two ground-breaking, internationally acclaimed “for women only” feature movie musicals, A Light for Greytowers and The Heart that Sings.